The Education Center UMC Utrecht is organizing Education Day for the very first time. During this day, students, teachers and employees get the attention they deserve.

Morning and afternoon

  • The day starts with activities for our own employees within various UMC Utrecht divisions.
  • Theme of the strategic consultation of the board of directors and U-team is our new educational strategy 'The New Utrecht School'.
  • Various informative and entertaining videos will be available on this website throughout the day. For example, a compilation of the presentation of the Talma Eijkman prize, TEDx-Talks of (inter)national colleagues, and various video's from divisions to thank their employees.
  • Short videos made by The Compliments Students, in which they visit remarkable educational staff. You can find these videos on this website on December 10th.

Education Keeps Rolling!
2.50PM - 5.00PM UTC +1

The afternoon program consists of a broadcast of Education Keeps Rolling (modelled after a famous Dutch late evening program)! Live from the Hijmans van den Bergh building, table hosts Jaber and Harold engage in conversations with guests from educational realms. In addition to the public lecture by Marjel van Dam (in Dutch) and the Educational Grand Lecture by Lorelei Lingard (in English), the session will be supplemented with a video of The Compliments Students visiting remarkable educational staff, The KoffieCo Podcast show featuring interviews with Dean Arno Hoes and Olle ten Cate and the awarding of the Harmen Tiddens Medal of Honor to Professor Lingard.

Hosts Jaber Asaksak (medical student, former student assessor) and Prof. Harold van Rijen (director of the Graduate School of Life Sciences) will talk to the following guests for this special online broadcast:

Dr. Marjel van Dam Associate Professor UMC Utrecht
Public lecture in honor of her appointment as Associate Professor Teaching: "Kwaliteit en patiëntveiligheid: voor en door de opleiding."  
Prof. dr. Lorelei Lingard (3:40 PM UTC+1) Western University, London, Ontario, Canada
Harmen Tiddens Educational Grand Lecture: “The many faces of Clinical Supervision”.
Professor Lingard is awarded the annual Harmen Tiddens Medal of Honor for her pioneering work in healthcare education.
Prof. dr. Arno Hoes Vice-Chair Executive Board and Dean UMC Utrecht
He will give a lecture about UMC Utrecht strategy Connecting Worlds and shares his vision about education.
Mystery guest 
This will stay a secret...
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"Today, education is the central theme and we put our employees in the limelight."

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